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Navigation bars are implemented in file browsers, web browsers and as a design element of some web sites. With the help of Navigation Bar we can easily navigate to different sections of the web pages.Add text-align:center to

  • or to center the links. CSS, HTML and web design. Navigation Bar text align: centerThe CSS necessary to center your navigation may depend on your selected store template. Do you have your site address so we can better assist you with this? Navigation bar HTML Code for Above Image.First Horizontal Navigation Bar CSS Code for Above Example. navmenu ul list-style-type: none padding: 1em 0 text- align: center border-top: 2px solid black border-bottom: 2px solid back Where do you place the text-align: center statement in the coding to shift all the words towards the center of the navigation bar? Somehow it isnt as simple as it seems to me. For your benefit, I attach sample coding in example. html. Create a centred horizontal navigation. Written by Harry Roberts on CSS Wizardry.You could use text-align:center but that wont work on 100-width block-level elements either thatll only work on text-level elements. Generally, the menu is aligned to the left or right side of the top navigation bar. Bootstrap provides an easy way to control the menu alignment.The following HTML creates a navbar with Bootstrap.

    The menu will be placed in three different positions, left, right, and center. Navbar End -->. This is my HTML Code , as this is will be the Navigation Bar - I would like to keep my Brand at the Left Corner - it fine now The Links i.e Link 1 to Link 5 align centered of the Navigation Bar the Link 6 and Link 7 at the Right Side - its fine now. CSS Navigation Bar. Having easy-to-use navigation is important for any web site.