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Getting the file name is fairly easy. As matsko points out, you cannot get the full file path on the users computer for security reasons.jQuery trigger comes in handy. So this hides the standard boring type file labels. javascript php file text input. share|improve this question.Also reading the value of type"file" is limited. Youll get a "fakepath/ filename.ext" only. Teemu Feb 9 15 at 12:11. . The problem I have is that the javascript function AddFile() is only run under Internet Explorer, and not under Mozilla. I need the function to run each time a file is selected as the filenames are added to a text box How do I retrive ONLY the file name from an ? When I retrive the value I get the whole path C:DocumentsIm writing in this forum because a need to get the name on the client computer before I upload the file to the server. input type "file" name "attachment[] " id "attachment"> Cross Domain Javascript calls using iFrame. jQuery: Code works in Firefox but not in IE. storing closest and parents in variable is not working in internet explorer. how to reset the (input type"file") as soon as the user uploads file other than specified format. Below is my HTML Code <. document.querySelector(input[typefile]).files. And you can access the file name with dot notationjavascript - jQuery - loading a text file with .get() works in Internet Explorer, but not Google Chrome or Firefox? javascript - How to get the filename from file input type with jquery This should remove everything except the filename. I got it from How to get the file name from a full path using JavaScript?.input type"submit" name"submit" class"contact-submit" value"Submit"> . JavaScript Validation: var frmvalidator new Validator("contactform") You can read it, but you cant set it. value"123" will be ignored, so it wont have a value until you click on it and pick a file. Im using the "file" input type to help me browse files to upload. The trouble is that I dont know much about javascript so I use Dreamweavers form validation option to check forms, so that usersThe user clicks on the browse button, finds his file, and the full path and filename are inserted into the field.files[0] filearray["filename"] filearray["filesize"] file.size filearray["fileType"] file.type filearray["fileTemp"] file .tmpname filearray["fileError"] file.error)i am not getting attribute tmp name and error in javascript because it generate when file isto get file name and extension