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WordPress default login URL is /wp-login.php (or you can just type inNow Mr. or Ms. Hacker has your login URL and possibly your login username. Now its a matter of guessing your password. Changing your WordPress login URL can be a quick way to drastically decrease the number of bad login attempts to your website. Posted in: WordPress Themes November 6, 2009Frank. WordPress makes it pretty easy to log in and out of WordPress in a theme.

Many of us want to change default WordPress login URL and One of the most asked questions by WordPress beginners users is What is the login URL of my website? Change your WordPress login URL.To get started, log into WordPress, and click, Plugins, then, Add New: All you have to do now is to search for Rename wp-login.php as below So basically if you change your WordPress login URL then no one will be able to login into your website if he/she know the login information. Its no secret that all login pages for WordPress users look like thisCreate a Custom Login URL Using Code. The first way to access your WordPress Login URL will be in this formatIt might be helpful if you bookmark your sites login URL. So the simplest way to change the login URL in WordPress is to use a plugin. Theres a few of them dotted about in the WordPress.org repository. Lets begin with the most basic part finding your WordPress login URL whether you have WordPress on a domain, subdomain or subfolder. Best Plugins to Change WordPress Admin URL.Lockdown WP Admin: It is a helpful WordPress plugin that conceals the administration and login screen from intruders.

Sometimes it may so happen that you forget the admin login URL of your WordPress website.Getting into admin area for logging in to WordPress is really simple. Getting a simpler login URL for Wordpress admin is basically helpful if you are working on a Wordpress project for a client who doesnt know much about Wordpress. Why do you need your WordPress login URL?Either of the two links would log you into your WordPress dashboard provided you have the right login details to enter.

Renaming your WordPress login url from the default wp-login.php to another url like /login beneficial for a few reasons Either way, creating a custom WordPress login URL isnt nearly as complicated as you might think. With the help of a simple plugin, youll be all ready to go in just a few clicks! WordPress is the best platform for developing websites and blogs. For a fact, nearly 69 of the total websites using a CMS platform are made on WordPress. Changing WordPress Login Registration URL For Better Branding: There are a few plugins that let you rename your WordPress login, register, password reset logout URLs. Have you forgotten the WordPress login URL? Learn how to find the WordPress Admin URL of your website or blog. This web address is used for login to your dashboard aka admin panel By creating a custom WordPress login URL can help you in the fight against this. Did you know that anyone whos familiar with WordPress can find out your login URL? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Function Reference/wp login url. Languages: English Espaol (Add your language). Utilizing a WordPress API plugin, Pretty Login URL. Theres a practical and effective way that will let you get rid of the standard wp-login address WordPress New wp-login URL. Posted by: admin February 26, 2018 Leave a comment.I want to change the wp-login.php url. Got most of it working We dont touch your wp-login.php, nor do we block it using .htaccess rules. We simply prevent it from being loaded directly using the standard WordPress login url wp-login.php. Note that if you are trying to access the admin panel directly and you are not logged in yet, WordPress will direct you to the login page first. Default WordPress Login URL Paths. If you want to change the login URL of your WordPress website, you can keep reading this article. Advertisement. In order to go to a login page on any given WordPress website, you would usually go to the wp-login.php URL. I have seen many failed login attempts recently at Technology Hint. So, I decided to change WordPress login URL. How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL For Blog Security.Firstly, the default URL for WordPress login is the same for all sites that is wp-login.php. How do I login to WordPress? is one of the most common WordPress questions that we get asked. Beginners often have a hard time finding their WordPress login page URL. Instead I choose to make small little tweaks, like my WordPress login URL. It is one of the easiest ways to crack down on security breaches. This article will go through the basic way on how to change WordPress default login url, logo and title. www.example.com/wordpress/wp-login.php. Logging into a Subdomain. If your WordPress install is on a sub-domain, then you URL will be slightly different Of course, having the typical WordPress login URL, you are giving a potential hacker a full understanding of what CMS your website is based on. Default WordPress login URL. www.example.com/wp-admin. WordPress developers also added several other URLs that lead to the same page. Or you generally forget the WP login URL of your blog and wanted to bookmark it.And how you can find your default WordPress Login URL? Create a Login/Logout Link in WordPress. July 28, 2016 - 9 Comments. To create a login/logout link in WordPress you can use a snippet of php code using the wp logouturl function, you can also I lost my WordPress login URL, what now ? The term login page refers to the page where you go to access the back end of your site. I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago WordPress Easy Login URL whiteout htaccess, but if you dont want to read then here is the code in a plugin form: