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Saturday, November 14, 2009. Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008.This new feature significantly reduces the backup and restore times as well as the size of the backups.a. Use the Default Server Setting. b. Compress Backup. Posted by fofo in Sql Server, SQL Server 2008. Tags: Backup Compression, Data Compression, Page-level Data compression, Row-level data compression trackback.You cannot restore a compressed SQL Server 2008 backup to any previous versions of SQL Server. I am aware of the requirement to have same version to restore the compressed backup these two servers have a corresponding dev environment running SQL Server 2008R2 Dev version. Will report back my results in a few days. EDIT: Since its been mentioned, the relevant database-limitation in SQL Express 2008 R2 is a size limit of 10GB. It also has some limitations on the services and resources available to MSSQL Server, but those wont prevent you from restoring the database to it, only (possibly) using it how youd like. I am looking for assistance on how to back up a SQL Server 2008r2 and restoring it on another server.We are using Windows server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 r2 on both VMs Is there a way to transfer all the dbs and restore them on another Server? - If you are using SQL Server 2008, then Backup Compression is available only in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Editions.A compressed backup can be restored in any edition of SQL Server 2008 and higher versions ( R2). It is considered possible to restore backup file SQL Server 2008 database using a shared or manually created script. This script is used on applications like Enterprise Manager, Maintenance Plans, Query Analyzer, etc. Backup Compression was first introduced in SQL Server 2008 (only for Enterprise Edition), now this feature is57 improvement is observed while restoring compressed database backup file over uncompressed backup file, it is good sign if large database needs a restore, also better restore time For SQL Server 2008 R2 and later versions, backup compression is supported on Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter editions. Starting with SQL Server 2008, any edition can restore a compressed backup.

SQL Server 2008s backup compression feature allows IT pros to save disk space when making full SQL backups.Do you use the SQL compressed backup feature? If so, share your comments about this feature. I have a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance that I need to backup and restore onto a SQL 2008 instance. When I attempt to restore the back up (.bak) databa.Compatibility problem: an "sql server 2008 R2" db backup cannot be restored to an "sql server 2008".

Firstly, I am using SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup Edition, secondly I am logging in as the SA account.However, you can restore compressed backups (e.g. a compressed backup from standard). Either restore the database on a server that supports the backup, or use a backup that is compatible with this server. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo).On Set Scripting Option page, click Advanced, change Script for Server Version to target server, in my case, SQL Server 2008. Beginning in SQL Server 2008 R2, backup compression is supported by SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard and all higher editions. Every edition of SQL Server 2008 and later can restore a compressed backup. With SQL you have the ability to compress your database backups saving disk space MSSQLTips com Browse other questions tagged sql server sql server sql server r or ask your own questionRestore SQL Server Backup File With C Restore Database using Management Studio Express. I have a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance that I need to backup and restore onto a SQL 2008 instance.How can i backup the SQL 2008 R2 database to be compatible with SQL 2008? Ian Ceicys. With SQL 2008 you have the ability to compress your database backups, saving disk space but more importantly saving time.SQLgzip v.1.4.0 - Backup or Restore SQL server database with compression Copyright (C) 2009-2013 A. Revo. SQL Server Backup and Restore. By Shawn McGehee. First published by Simple Talk Publishing April 2012.

However, starting with SQL Server 2008 R2, backup compression has been made available in all editions, so lets take a quick look at what savings it can offer over non- compressed backups (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo). Can we restore backup from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition?I am trying to restore the backup taken from a SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2008 R2, and it giving an error Specified cast is not valid. Agenda Why compress ? Backup Compression Data Compression Row, Page, Unicode ( R2) How to choose How to implement Maintainability Alle soorten compressie moeten er nog in !Learningcomputer.com SQL Server 2008 Backup and Restore Database. Recently i had to restore a SQL Server 2008 R2 Database to a Database in another machine and i ended up getting the message.Then when exploring the cause of the reason ,i found that the database that i took the backup was from SQL Server 2008 R2 . Versions of SQL Server which are older than 2008 cannot read compressed backups.NTbackups cannot share a tape with compressed SQL Server backups.The Backup/Restore Throughput/sec counter of the SQLServer:Databses object. I need to backup and restore a db on sql server 2008R2 to sql server 2008. The backup file is not compatible this way. The other option that i found is to generate scripts that include data. 2008 Developer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Microsoft SQL ServerReferences to SQL Server Books Online and other documentation about backup and restore topics. Potential issues that you may encounter and the Benefits of compressed backups. Faster backup time Faster restore time Less I/O at backup and restore time Since you are using less disk space, you can keep more backups around.For SQL Server 2008R2 to SQL Server 2012, it will look like this. Backing up your MS SQL Server 2008 Database is a good way to protect yourself just in case your database ever runs into any problems.Now lets learn how to restore your MS SQL Server 2008 Database backup. This is something that is totally overlooked, in my experience, with SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012. On the contrary to what happens with SQL Server 2008, the Standard version of SQL Server 2008R2 SQL Server 2012 supports backup compression I have 6 dbs to be backed up and restored every week and i want to automate them,can anyone help me out how do I acheive this?Similar topics. Calling SQL Server backup maintenance plan from VB program ? Backup Compression is not supported on SQL 2008 Express, Workgroup, or Standard editions, only on Enterprise. There is no way to turn this on without upgrading your version to Enterprise. Although you cant backup with compression on those versions, you can RESTORE from compressed This article examines backing up and restoring SQL Server databases. In addition to covering standard backup options such as Full Backups and Differential Backups, new SQL Server 2008 features such as Backup Compression will be introduced. Select your source Database. Select Tasks -> Generate Scripts. Select Script entire database and all database objects, -> press Next. Select Save to File and -> click on the Advanced button. Select Script for Server Version and -> select the version you want: 200/2005/2008. How to import a SQL Server .bak file into MySQL? Can an MS SQL 2005 backup be restored onto an instance of MS SQL 2008?SQL Server online backup with MozyPro. Compressed backups in SQL Server 2005. Databases which are backed up using database compression feature can be restored on all SQL Server 2008 editions. By default, this feature is turned off at the SQL Server Instance level.Disk Space Required for SQL Server Compressed Backups. A Step by Step process to Create a Backup on SQL Server 2008. Once the backup is taken we shall drop the database and Restore from the Backup . To Learn or Figure 12 Backup operations in test 1. BP1021. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Backup and Restore using Dell EqualLogic.Using file backups also simplifies the restoration process. With SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, compressed backups can be done. That means, if you have any flavors of SQL server 2008 except enterprise version, you can not use backup compression feature. However, you can still use any version of SQL server 2008 to restore compressed backups. The restore of the compressed backup took less than half the time of the uncompressed backup. To sum it all up: Backups are faster if you use compression.Yes, thanks again. Gail sent me that link also Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008 R2. Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server backup and restore.Creating compressed backups is supported only in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and later, To calculate the compression ratio of a backup, use the values for the backup. SQL Server 2008 will have the ability to compress a database, but that functionality is not in the latest beta release (CTP5).Note the restore command is the same as in SQL server 2005 i.e. you dont need to tell restore the backup is compressed. Im trying to backup a database in SQL Server 2008 and have the database compressed using the new compression feature.Although you cant backup with compression on those versions, you can RESTORE from compressed backups. Differential SQL Server backupPoint in time recovery restore (PITR)SQL Server Backup Encryption and Compression. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 uses a master database in conjunction with the WebCenter40 database.Parent topic: Backup and Restore Strategy. Copyright 2014 Esko | All rights reserved. 31 March 2010. SQL Server 2008 Backup Compression. Filed under: SQL Server — Vincent Rainardi 6:14 pm Tags: SQL Server.Currently (R1) it is in Enterprise edition. A compressed backup can be restored by all editions of 2008. Obviously 2005 cant restore them. Im trying to backup a database in SQL Server 2008 and have the database compressed using the new compression feature.Although you cant backup with compression on those versions, you can RESTORE from compressed backups. DB:3.85:Restoring Compressed Backup To Sql 2008 Professional dd. I have a production server with SQL 2008 Enterprise which can use both row level data compression and backup compression. But my test system is only SQL 2008 Professional. Backup compression also forces backup checksums to be calculated, further ensuring that the backups do not contain corrupt data. Backup compression is only available with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, but all editions of SQL Server 2008 can restore a compressed backup. The following backup scenarios outline some of the ways SQL Server backups are used.In some simple tests performed on the AdventureWorks2008 database, the compressed backup was one fourth the size of a noncompressed backup. In SQL 2008 R2 it is available in the Standard and Enterprise edition. How to use backup compression?For instance you can restore a compressed backup on a server which does not support backup compression. Gr. Configure Database Backup Compression Using the GUI. Connect to the SQL Server 2008 Instance using SQL Server Management Studio.Under Backup and restore, Compress backup shows the current setting of the backup compression default option. Restoring a backup to an older version of SQL Server 5 answers.Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP2) - 10.0.4064.0 (Intel X86). Error while restoring: Restore failed for Server servername The database was backed up on a server running version 10.50.2500.