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Weird History 28 Facts You May Not Know About the Titanic.Most peoples knowledge of the Titanic comes from the Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet film, but theres actually plenty of information that the movie missed - or got wrong entirely. Titanic Facts. A History in Numbers.Titanic Facts aims to tell the story in a comprehensive and clear way, and to help keep alive the memory of this great and tragic ship, and of her passengers and crew, survivors and victims. There are still many surprising facts about the Titanic and its disaster that are largely unknown to the world that you will discover here.Movie Poster For the Nazi Propaganda Film Titanic. From kids to adults, everyone has an interest in the Titanic. There are countless movies and stories about the sinking of the Titanic, and many well-known facts about its construction, and the famous boast of it being an unsinkable ship. Отменить подписку на канал "Cool Facts For Kids"?A Lego Titanic Movie. Race against the Time - Продолжительность: 13:13 TK Filmproduktion 7 086 851 просмотр. 4 Interesting Facts About the Movie Titanic 2 - Dump A Day. See More.Oh, and cool pics about Some Strange Fact You Probably Dont Know. Some Cool Facts About The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.But even if I were older, I wouldnt be ashamed. Did I mention real men cry? Some may say Titanic is sad and one of their favorite movies. 10. The Titanic Movie Broke All Previous Box Office Records. Perhaps its because of the huge boasts of the Titanic as the unsinkable ship and then its tragic sinking. Even to this day, kids and adults from all over the world find Titanic facts compelling. With construction of a Titanic replica well underway in China, weve unearthed a few interesting facts about the original. 1.

The RMS Titanic was the worlds largest passenger ship when it entered service, measuring 269 metres (882 feet) in length, and the largest man-made moving object on Earth. Fact: Titanic Might Be A Big Deal Now But It Wasnt Back Then. Regardless of what you see in the movies, the White Star Line never made any claims that the Titanic was unsinkable. In fact, it appears that nobody really cared about the Titanics maiden voyage at all. Activate your digital access. 100 unsinkable facts about the Titanic.But Titanics voyage continues - in movies, books, TV shows and the publics fascination. Part historic chronicle, part human drama, part paranormal thriller, the tale of the doomed ship still has us in its hooks. Titanic Movie Facts. 12 Fascinating Things You Probably Didnt Know About Titanic."I just dont think thats cool to talk about actors that either chose not to do it, or were unavailable, or stupidly decided that there wasnt enough meat on the bone of the character, or whatever it was.

" The Ship of dreams, Titanic was the pride of Liverpools White Star Line. Billed unsinkable, she would send 1500 souls to a watery grave on her maiden voyage.Here are 10 fascinating facts about RMS Titanic. James Cameron not only directed the movie, but has taken many submarine voyages to visit the real Titanic on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.Check out some of these amazing and cool quick facts about the Titanic. Facts Lightning Round with Katie Winslet. Wonder Wheel star Kate Winslet appeases Stephens dissatisfaction with the ending to Titanic by creating a new ending with Stephen playing Jack. Titanic Facts: did you know thatThe budget for the Movie "Titanic" was higher than the Titanic itself. The Musicians of the Titanic kept playing music for hours as the ship sank. Titanic drawing scene interesting facts titanic, the titanic movie biggest movie time famous scenes movie infamous drawing scene rose.Titanic facts kids cool kid facts, titanic facts kids heard famous rms titanic luxury ship sadly sank hitting iceberg april 15 1912. Shy Insurance Man Grows A Beard, And It Turns His Life Upside Down. 19 Interesting Facts You Didnt Know About Valentines Day.Most of us have seen the movie Titanic, the second grossing film of all time. I remember when the movie was SOOO popular and still in theaters, a guy was selling vials of water claiming it was water from a chunk of ice off of the iceberg that sank Titanic.Weird, I had a dream about the Titanic last nightActivity rewards: 0. cool info. 25 Interesting facts about the making of the movie Titanic that you didnt know. Unbelievable Facts May 2, 2016 Celebrities, Entertainment, Movies.In fact, it was the first movie to touch the billion dollar mark.(source). On April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic left Southampton in the U.K. for New York, its maiden voyage. It was big news: the Titanic was the largest ship in the world, stretching nearly 900 feet long and equipped with a pool, gym, and a Turkish bath among other amenities. In celebration of Titanics return to theaters next Wednesday (!!!!), heres a collection of facts about the movie you probably didnt know. Posted on March 30, 2012, 19:00 GMT. « Cute little kitty love saying. An ordinary work day diagram ». Cool fact about the Titanic. Cool Facts About Love Titanic.Related: cool titanic, cool titanic videos, titanic movie memes, titanic movie characters, titanic movie lifeboat, titanic movie hot wallpaper. Titanic (1997) is the highest-grossing movie of all time, and won eleven Academy Awards.10 Coolest Jobs in the World - March 9, 2016.Tags: Facts Film Movies RMS Titanic Titanic Top 10 Lists. Titanic Animated Movie (English) Part 1.But the fact was, Robert Hopkins was one of the unnamed Titanic heroes and only 73 years after his death did his gravestone finally recognize him for his actions. Random Fun Facts about the movie Titanic. I am so glad that Leonardo Dicaprio was cast and NOT Matthew Mcconaughey. See More.Awesome Facts Fascinating Facts Cool Fun Facts Interesting Facts Wtf Fun Facts Film Facts Fun Movie Facts Movie Trivia Trivia Facts. Fact 3: All of the scenes of the Titanic movie that show the actual Titanic ship leaving port, while on the journey, and sinking, is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, which is exactly how long the real Titanic took to sink. Youve seen the movie of James Cameron and read some publications, still were pretty sure there are interesting facts you could miss.Before the Titanic he had a rather good reputation that was damaged for him forever.Technology of the Future: 20 Cool Facts About 3D Printing. The RMS Titanic has been featured in numerous films, TV movies and notable TV episodes. The 1997 film Titanic was one of the highest-grossing films. On television, the Titanic has been featured in genres ranging from epic dramas to short cartoon parodies. RMS Titanic in popular culture. Most of our particulars about this giant ship originate from the movie Titanic. The excursion of the ship may have finished long back, yet her adventure wont end. Here are some interesting facts about Titanic CoolFacts about The Titanic. KingCoolJanuary 1, 2016Coolfacts21 views.1-5 Interesting Facts About Titanic. 1. Even when adjusted for inflation, the movie Titanic directed by James Cameroon cost more to make than the original Titanic ship. Titanic Movie Facts Titanic Funny Titanic Movie Quotes Titanic Movie Scenes Fun Movie Facts Film Facts Rms Titanic Interesting Facts AboutSome very interesting facts you may want to know if youre a fan of the movie Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and hundreds more! Facts About Titanic. Around 2000 men were needed to build the Titanic. The Titanic was never christenedcool - claire [April 30, 2009]. hey (: i love the movie,but its sad - bonnie hunt [April 20, 2009]. this is a good website for people who need facts on the titanic - autumn [April 14, 2009]. Check out our Titanic facts for kids and learn a range of interesting information about this famous passenger liner. Find out how big the Titanic was, where it sailed from, its intended destination, how many people died when it sunk and much more. Here are 25 things you never knew: 1. The movie features 2 hours and 40 minutes of scenes set in 1912. This is the exact amount of time the Titanic took to sink.You can hear Coolest Scientists Rant on Titanic here. Titanic was one of the most iconic ships of its day and people still remember the tragedy it suffered on April 14, 1912. Here are 30 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Titanic, both the real ship and the movies and novels related to it. The Titanic Movie Facts impress you with the most critically acclaimed American movie. James Cameron is the director, writer, co-producer and co-editor of the epic romance-disaster movie. It was released in 1997. Youve probably heard about the book that was written years before the Titanic incident happened. We focused on this story and collected all the interesting facts about the sunken ship, The Titanic.19 Best Disaster Movies Of Cinema History. Video.

Home Movies Top 10 Facts About Titanic The Movie. 20 Cool Facts About Famous Hollywood Movies That You Had No Idea About . Since just yesterday (April 14th) was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and with the recent re-release of the blockbuster movie Titanic in 3D I thought it would be kind of cool to have a list of some interesting facts about the legendary ocean liner. Titanic Movie Facts. 12 Fascinating Things You Probably Didnt Know About Titanic."I just dont think thats cool to talk about actors that either chose not to do it, or were unavailable, or stupidly decided that there wasnt enough meat on the bone of the character, or whatever it was." Lets take Titanic for example a little-known fact about the 1997 movie is that the filming process cost more than the building process of the actual RMS Titanic.However, James Camerons Titanic cost the producers a total of whopping 200 million back in 1997!from its record-breaking run at the box office, here are a few little-known facts about the filmI just dont think thats cool to talk about actors that either chose not to do it, or were unavailableAlternate ending: A second ending to the movie was filmed, and no, not one where the Titanic doesnt sink. Cool Facts. Blog. Clean Jokes For Kids.About 6,000 artefacts have been recovered from the wreck to date. When it opened the movie Titanic was the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark. Titanic Movie Facts. 12 Fascinating Things You Probably Didnt Know About Titanic."I just dont think thats cool to talk about actors that either chose not to do it, or were unavailable, or stupidly decided that there wasnt enough meat on the bone of the character, or whatever it was." The cinematic blockbuster Titanic held the record for highest grossing fil of all time for years. Theres a reason for that. Here are our favorite facts from the movie Titanic. The Wreck of the Titan or Futility a novel by Morgan Robertson that has the same story with Titanic.Titanic is sinking, a scene in the Titanic movie. Those are several Titanic facts that some of them might be the cause of the sinking. Facts About Titanic. Had the destiny not played its nasty game, Titanic would not have been placed atop the worlds most awful examples of ironies the unsinkable ship that sank on its maiden voyage! Life. 15 Fun Facts You Probably Didnt Know About Titanic. Whether youve seen the film once or 100 times—these are fascinating! Kaitlin Gates 2017-02-09. Kaitlin Gates 1 year ago. SHARE PIN IT. Twentieth Century Fox.