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A couple days ago my CD and DVD drive stopped working. Despite the green button flashing on, when I press the button to open my disc drive, nothing happens at all.I need my cd/dvd drive to work badly and these programs wont even work at all. Try either right clicking on the CD drive icon in My Computer and see if it opens, of not put a straightened paperclip into the small hole on the CD drive face and push into open it. Does the light flash or does it make any noise. How To: Manually open a jammed CD or DVD drive on a computer. How To: Eject and recover a stuck DVD on a Mac. How To: Install Windows XP-Windows 7 via WinToFlash program. I need help in writing to my CD/DVD drive. [Solved] my compaq computer wont open up to my apps. Its saying the. [Solved] Why wont certain DVDs play in my laptop DVD drive? Welcome to JustAnswer and thanks for asking your question. Please clarify this a little more, when you insert a cd into the computer, then click the Windows Start button > Computer > Is the cd drive shown there but wont start the cd when you double click it? They dont recognize any CD / DVDs. When i try to force explorer to look for them, it keeps opening the DVD drive but doesnt find any discs.My cd/dvd drive wont work after I installed a windows 7 update. how to open the cd drive solved How to open cd drive on Acer Aspire E15? solved does my toshiba satellite c55b5299 come with a dvd/cd drive and if so how do i access Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States. The CD drive is used to insert the DVD or VCDs to watch movies,videos,Images, software or even games. Today the life of the drive of the drive depends upon its writing ability etc.Tags:cd drive, desktop, my laptop dvd drive wont open, windows. Maybe the disc is stuck.

Maybe the door is stuck. Try these things first to see if you can fix it. Re: CD/DVD Drive wont open. 12-30-2008 12:40 PM. Try the following with the system turned off remove and reinsert the drive, instructions can be found here, then when starting press F1 to enter BIOS and try to open the drive by pressing its button. A special code, developed by us, prevents the installation of content of external media (e.g. recovery CD) except additional files (driver, tool, etc.), on a PCI dont think what you are asking is easily accomplished. by wizard57m-cnet Moderator 4 years ago In reply to DVD Drive wont let me ope - for all things that wont open! Guides to help you fix it fast.Your CD/DVD/Blueray etc. drive wont open. There might be even something stuck in there. Cd/dvd drive wont open.

By jedthro Nov 11, 2007. i have to tap on the side to make it open like something is stopping it i open it dont see anything inside but if i push the eject button it looks like the inside jumps is this normal? Repair Cd/dvd drive wont open. Contents. Cd Drive Not Opening On Laptop. Dvd Player Tray Wont tray not opening. dvd drive wont read. dvd player tray wont open. Checking in to see if Microsoft has updated their driver concerning this problem. I have contacted tech support and tried every step that has been offered.The problem is not with Microsofts driver for CDDVD Drives Reader comments On the challenges and benefits of a disc-free Xbox 360 DVD Drive Not Reading Games Only DVD,CD.MY disc tray wont open sometimes unless i tap the top an it wont open standing masking tape on the plastic disc on the inside of the top of the dvd drive cover. Theres a pinhole on the drive face. take a paper clip and bend it until you can put it in the hole. dont force it, but if you feel a little resistance, press a little. It should pop right open. Now manually open and close (not all the way closed) it a few times Cd/dvd Rom Wont Read Cds. Bios Flash Problem, Dvd Rom Not Recognized. Nec Nd-3530a Sony Ddu1615 Dvd Rom Drivers.Cannot Detect Dvd/cd Drive. Dvd Drive Is Very Slow. How To Open 1 Outlook Pst File From Backup Drive ? Now, uncheck the box that says Copy defend Musicwhen it is currently checked and preserve all the present adjustments. Switch to native account: If other methods falters, then basically change to natural bank account andreturn to Microsoft account. It may well sometimes resolve my cd dvd drive wont Fix, Clean Speed Up Your PC in Minutes, Speed up your PC 200. Home > my cd drive wont open. How to Install a CD ROM or DVD Drive: 14 Steps - wikiHow. Home > dvd drive wont open. Related Keywords.Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5897. My laptop all of a sudden has been having some issues staying connected with my CD/DVD Drive. If it doesnt the next alternative is to open , keeps flashing green new DVD drive wont open Than my CD drive is that when I press the DVD drive to.DVD RW Drive wont recognize. How to Fix a DVD Player When the Drawer Won t Open. Search for: Home Linkyopedia. My DVD optical drive appears as CD drive and doesnt react to any disc. The latest driver is installed.when i have my drive plugged into my computer multiple things happen, A: trnd micro will be picky about their auto run services, B: my computer periodicaly wont hut down, it will stay on the If you have a CD or DVD drive that will not physically open then you can still get your disk out. You just need a paper clip or a small tip screw driver and Now, my DVD/CD rom drive wont open and I have no idea why I have tried everything uninstalling the drivers/hitting the eject button/asking My Computer to eject for me/everything i can possibly think of any one else have suggestions i own a hp pavilion dm4 -3055dx. my cd/dvd drive wont work, what do i ? besides itunes freezes media player freezes. nero wont respond. how do - 2182345.Discussion Boards Open Menu. Welcome to the Forum! First Time Here? I have 1-2 cd drives that wont open or will open after hours of button pushing, I tried checking this out my self to see if I could fix it since it seems to be a common problem I notice if I take the top piece off the drive it opens/closes perfectly just but the power comes on, the fans come on etc. just the dvd drive wont open. there is only one ide slot on my motherboard for the dvd drive. the harddrive isno it does not light up. but i dont think there is a light anyway. when i tried my cd drive instead - it did light up but still would not open. Cd dvd wont open [Closed]. billg - Oct 22, 2008 at 10:13 PM - Latest reply: DP.Hello, i am trying to install a update from dell to my cd/dvd when i download the update and run it it opens a ( sfdnwin) box which shows drive name model name ( blank ) old version (blank) new version ( blank ) download file My CD/ DVD drive wont open . Ive tried several command line prompts, and I keep getting the error "eject: unable toI have an Emachine desktop, my dvd drawer wont open. I need. CD or DVD Drive Wont Eject or Open? - Help Desk Geek. Page 1 of 2 CDDVD drives wont open or eject posted in Internal Hardware: I have a PC running Win XP Pro (SP 3). It has two CDDVD drives. my cd/dvd drive will not open or even show on my computer-its as if it doesnt exist .the led light flashes red all the time ,i have tried restartingDiscussion in DVD-ROM drives started by obstacle1, Nov 14, 2009. After doing so, the cd drive wont open! The CD is stuck inside. Whats worse, when I opened my computer folder, Drive D (which im cd drive) is no longer there.When Device Mgr opens, check for a "DVD/CD-ROM drives" entry. If any errors show next to your device, list them here. I have an Amilo Pa 1538 Fujitsu Siemens Laptop. For two years it has given me all sorts of problems like overheating etc. Here is what happened this time: With the computer turned off, I pushed the eject button and the CD-DVD drive opened normally. Why Dvd Wont Open involve some pictures that related one another.Laptop Dvd Tray Won T Eject How To Open A Cd Or Dvd Drive. Fix Minidisc And Cd Players Quot Won T Eject Quot Problem. Hi, after installing cdrwin 3.9E my computer no longer detects when i put a disk in my drive?? when i installed cdrwin it asked if i wanted to install ASPIdont understand? i have already uninstalled cdrwin, but the drivers seem to have been left behind, the cd/dvd tray opens/closes, it just wont read a disk Home > dvd drive wont open. CD-ROM drive wont open mechanically - Microsoft Community.4 days ago - My CD-ROM drive will no longer open when I push the button. Dell xps m1330 dvd drive will not eject cd inside <-- check these methods Dell Inspiron 620 CD/ DVD drive wont open . I have a PC running Win XP Pro (SP 3). It has two CD/DVD drives. The Device Manager calls them "ATAPI iHAS220 6." They work okay, except some time ago I lost the ability to manually open either them when empty, or to manually eject a The CD/DVD drive on my vaio laptop wont open.If it does not then your optical drive is faulty.

You can manually open the drive by inserting a "paper clip" in the small hole/opening on the faceplate A DVD or CD drive that wont open doesnt necessarily mean a lost disc or dead drive.Simple Things to Try When Your CD or DVD Drive Is Stuck and Wont Open. Disk Drives (Floppy, USB, HDD, CD/DVD/BD) discussion. Get this RSS feed.I purchased my computer on Tuesday, and just recieved it today I hooked everything up, The computer runs fine, But my DVD-Rom wont open? My CD-RW drive (e does not have a disc in it and it will not open with eject button or in My Computer using eject command in file menu. Help.Similar Threads. xp home cd rw drive /dvd drive wont open. E5500 wont play DVD or CD. It was seeing the DVD drive as a CD drive in MY COMPUTER.Does anyone know why my CD/DVD wont open? It was working a few days ago but today I wanted to burn something to a disk and it didnt want to open. Cd drive wont open? Discussion in Hardware started by dyamond, Nov 20, 2007.1. Right-click My Computer and select Manage 2. On the Computer Management window, click Device Manager 3. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives. What do I do if my cd drive wont open? A user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers. My cd drive wont open on my computer. Dvd drive wont read anything. My drive wont boot! but it works, can i turn it on here? My cd drive is too tight and wont spin cds. What to do if you get a CD or DVD stuck in your computer s optical drive and it won t eject? You can .Stuck CD, DVDs Roms that won t open.That s when you wonder why you still mess with an optical .View Full Version cd drive wont open. jonp. , PM. i press the button. it makes a clunk but nothing I cant open my CD/DVD drive. Forum. Computer has DVD drive in it, but no way to open it. Forum. Solvedi want to reformat sony viao but it wont read the disk or even external drive. My CD-ROM will no longer open when I push button with it, clean registry, cache files, fix errors, defrag disk.Wont start dvd working fine fix issues. Without works normally this article complete guide recovering drives factory capacity. Home Forums > Computer Hardware > CD/DVD/Blu-ray Technology >. my cd driver wont open!either i do it manually or choose eject from the my computer panel it wont do anything! one thing tho, i noticed i have 2 dvd drives (wtf! ) one is DVD Drive (E: ) other is DVD Drive (F