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I would like for this url value to be set dynamically so that I dont need to manually change it for different installs. Is it possible to insert a PHP variable value into a JavaScript file? But, can I insert a php variable into javascript on the same page? Meaning if I define a variable on a php page as var2 then later on the page have some javascript and within that javascript is a variable like "jsvar" Is it possible to insert PHP values in a javascript?honestly? didnt know - Ill look into it definitely undefinable Sep 18 11 at 18:02. Rikudo: that is sad. W3Schools, despite misinformation (which everything has) is still what many people use. script>.?php qdepart mysqlquery("select from pemakaigroup order by groupname asc") Ive written a basic script to insert text to database but text only and now I got stuck. The HTML FORM.

The function section: function createPage(data) pdo DB::getConnection() sql " INSERT INTO pages (cimEN, szoveg) VALUES (:cimEN, :szoveg)" So I need to know how I can insert whats in my values into the css values. for example if the variable bob is 20.ok, I see I forgot to add that this is inside a php echo which uses " " around all html and javascript code. SQL insert into problem with Quotes. Basically I have a drop down box and I want the variable to read the value selected from the drop down box.Problem with "Failed opening file.php for inclusion (includepath ) "by scott.sizemore in Javascript.

EDIT 1: Once you run the code, simply select any of the other options from the dropdown menu and you will receive an alert that gives you the value of the php session variable along with the custom text that I added to it. How JavaScript variable are retrieved from PHP script?document.myform.extra.value "some value" PHP variables are inserted in an HTML page through echo. I have 4 Javascript arrays that I would like to put into form values and submit basedEDIT actually that wouldnt work, but Id want to