explain why (a ? b) ? (c ? d) and a ? (b ? c) ? d are not the same





Youll do better exhibiting an element of one set and explaining why its not an element of the other. (Also, the statement isnt strictly true you need some nonemptiness, because the two are the same when ABCDemptyset.) d) Explain why your argument in c) does not apply to 3-CNF. For 3-CNF, each clause has an additional literal which will make the termination time in the worst case scenario different than the termination time for 2-CNF clauses. Since the termination times are different, the same formula cannot be used for 1. a. (5) Explain why the following grammar is not LL(k) for any kAnd consider that FOLLOW(A) FOLLOW(B) a,b. In the first state we have a reduce/reduce conflict, since the FOLLOW of A and B are same on the input terminal a of the token we dont know whether to retrace the rule A e or B Section 5.4 p244 Problem 1. In each part, explain why the given vectors do not form a basis for the indicated vector space.(b) One method is to follow the same procedure as for (a). The solutions for the equation x y 0 can be described by. It was a life that would probably remain exactly the same until she could claim her pension in another thirty years. The trouble with Georgina was that she wasWrite a letter of complaint to the restaurant manager explaining why you were dissatisfied and asking for an explanation and an apology. iii) Is c in the same plane as a and b?Explain why or why not A,B,C,D are coplanar. 12. Find all the values of m so that 2i 3j, 6i mj mk, 3j 4k is a dependent set of vectors. The theory of sets is a language that is perfectly suited to describing and explaining all types of mathematical structures.It is important to understand that P Q is not the same as Q P. To see why, suppose that a is some integer and consider the statements. Explain why or why not. ANSWER: No, R is not in BCNF since the functional dependency CD->A violates the condition CD is not a superkey of R.Since R is not the same as R (2nd and 3rd tuples are introduced after join), this decomposition is not lossless.

Exercise 1: Compute B.A and compare with A.B. Can you see why these numbers are the same in this example and will always be the same for any choice of A and B?Tell how this explains why for the special A, B, C, D above, A.D A.(2B - C). 4.

(a) Define critical angle. Obtain the relation for the same (b) Explain primary and secondary rainbow.Which one of the paths a, b, c and d shown in the figure will be followed by the field lines and why? 86. 4. 4. [15 points] Suppose that are given a parallelogram ABCD in the Euclidean plane. (a) Show that C and D are on the same side of the line AB. (b) Explain why A, B, C and D (in that order) form the vertices of a convex quadrilateral. 4. The speaker explains why he/she is happy about travel-. ling by air. 5. The speaker describes what surprised him/her in travelling.Usually Travelling Companion means up to six persons whose names appear with yours on the same trip arrangement and who, during the trip, will accompany you. Explain why a conclusion that walking reduces weight cannot be made from this study (i.e. What confounding variable could also explain theB. If this study were to be repeated with a sample of the same size, there is a 95 probability that the sample proportion would be between .20 and .27. ОГЭ по английскому, проходим пробный тест онлайн. I know, but at least he didnt get my TV, she replied. Lisa later remembered the name of the burglar, who had been in the same year as her at school.6. What happened when Lisa shouted at the burglar? A He tried to explain why he was there. B He fell over as he ran towards her. (Explain!)Let r be the smallest index for which xr xs for some s > r 2. Then r and s must have the same parity and it follows from the recursions that x r/2 x s/2 , contradicting the minimality of r. Hence, no value of xn is assumed more than once. Model Problem Explain why the graph has at least one Euler path. degree 2 D C B E A number of edges at each vertex: degree 4 degree 4 A: 2same vertex. 9 Graph Theorys Beginnings In the early 18th century, the Pregel River in a city called Konigsberg, surround an island before splitting into two. ii) Show that R is symmetric i.e show that x, y P , if xRy then yRx. Let x, y P . Then xRy x has the same eye colour as y.not a function from A to B. Explain why R is not a function. 1. The distance between C and A is the same as the distance between C and B. 2. A is to the left of D on the number line.However, I thought the answer ic C, instead of E. Can someone explain how to get to the answer. A explain why hes determined to become a champion B convince people that his sport is both safe and easy C suggest the best ways to begin learning his sport D describe what heFor each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than three words. The numbers which are not crossed out when the process terminates are all of the primes between 2 and n. You should be able to explain why.a pe11 pe22 . . . pekk , where each ei 0, and b pf11 pf22 . . . pfkk , where each fi 0. (Notice that the same primes appear in both factorizations, although Say why. c) Someone tells you that space exploration is useless. You do not have the same opinion." Explain " 2. Who are the six men? Why are only three of them in Strelsau? 3. Rassendyll made up his mind to hide some of his plans from Sapt and Fritz. 40. Explain why (A B) (C D) and A (B C) D are not the same.b) We must show that no element is in A A. This is clear, since A A consists of elements that are in A and not in A at the same time, obviously an impossibility. Explain why each of these properties may indicate a bad relational-database design. Answer: Repetition of information is a condition in a relational database where the values of one attribute are determined by the values of another attribute in the same relation d they were not committed to producing one type of product. 3. It is explained that during theE One reason why hopeful people succeed is that they set themselves higher goals and more goalsf. smell. l. substantial. Task 5 For questions 36-44 choose a sentence ( a,b,c,d) that is the same meaning BCNF. (a) ABC, (b) ABCD, (c) ABCEG, (d) DCEGH, (e) ACEH 2. Which of the following decompositions of R ABCDEG, with the same set ofthe candidate key(s) for R. (b) State whether or not the proposed decomposition of R into smaller relations is a good decomposition and briefly explain why. 2. Explain why it is always true that n5 - n (mod 10) or, in other words, why n5 and n always have the same last digit.your answer. (a) a N b if a divides b. (b)a-bifu if Ial < Ibl. (d) a - b if a and b begin with the same (decimal) digit. (e) a - b if when a and b are expressed as a 2 is and b 2jt with i and j. An identity element is rotation through 0, and each rotation has an inverse: rotation of the same magnitude in the opposite direction.Explain why is not an equivalence relation on the set of points in the plane. They should be able to explain also why a number is not real. Activity 1 of this lesson provides this opportunity for the students.y - 15 20 y5 Thus, the height of the bullet is 5m, which is the same as the height of the antenna. 4. The speaker explains why he/she is happy about travel-. ling by air. 5. The speaker describes what surprised him/her in travelling.Usually Travelling Companion means up to six persons whose names appear with yours on the same trip arrangement and who, during the trip, will accompany you. Subtraction and division are not associative - you can work out for yourself why. I would like to illustrate point using the exponentiation operator.TLDR: When one sees ABC, it is conventionally interpreted as (AB)C, and hence they will always be the same. 4. The speaker explains why he/she is happy about travel-. ling by air. 5. The speaker describes what surprised him/her in travelling.

Usually Travelling Companion means up to six persons whose names appear with yours on the same trip arrangement and who, during the trip, will accompany you. Why JCP?Personality Types A B C D Explained. 02/18/2016/in Careers /by Joseph Chris.People with this personality are often working on multiple projects at the same time because they have an almost desperate need to be seen as a winner. If not, explain why. If so, state whether it is a vector or a scalar.Part e: Because the dot products a b and c d are both scalar values and the cross product operation requires two vectors, this is not a meaningful operation. Question : Explain why (AB) (CD) and A(BC) D are not the same. Answer : Let a, b, c, d be members of A,B,C,D, respectively. Explain why A B C and ( A B ) C are not the same.By parts (a) and (b) it follows that the set S cannot be de- fined as it was. This paradox can be avoided by restricting the types of elements that sets can have. Product in each case is ABCD so they look the same to me. 3- [3 points] Is the decomposition of R into (A, B, C, E) and (B, D), using the same previous functional dependencies, a lossless-join decomposition and in BCNF? Explain your answer. . Скачать документ: Read the text given below. For questions (14), choose the best answer ( A, B, C or D). Examination Card. London often gives the impression of being more comfortable with its past than its present. The problem said A, B, C, D has the same length make the problem easier. I dont understand why.In my humble opinion, If there is no this restriction, some guys may fall into struggle with how to combine those arrays which is not the main meat of this problem. home / study / math / other math / other math questions and answers / Explain Why A B C And (A B) C Are Or Are Not The Same.Barking in Essex showed that outside the home they adopted the same hunting and exploring habits as wild1. Why do cats make a wider range of sounds when communicating with people? A. They are usedA. To describe the functions of the parts of the brain. B. To explain how the brain processes m is a factor of a b. or the same as. a and b have the same remainder when divided by m. Make sure you can explain why these four statements all say the same thing and how each relates to the mod spiral and clock arithmetic. the same zero determine. Explain your reasoning.If the statement is valid, explain why. Answer: The net charge on the conductor will be zero when the insulator is taken away since any charge that is induced to move onto the conductor while the insulator is nearby will be free to leave the conductor as 131. He doesnt buy a ticket every day so he has a season ticket. a. doesnt b. a c. so d. season --> c 132. Schools in England are not the same from in our countryNo one has been able to satisfactorily explain how or . the Moon sporadically sparks. a. when b. why c. what d. which b 17. 3. (a) Explain why the inverse of a permutation matrix equals its transpose: P 1 P T . ( b) If A1 AT , is A necessarily a permutation matrix?Also, we have Ei2 I because applying the same interchange trice returns to the identity. Mr Bailey explains that Milan is his chance to set out Burberrys stall for the rest of the. year.(e.g. a teacher), or for people who belong to the same group as the writer (e.g. other members of a class orCompare the photographs and say why you think the people are shouting. Candidate B talks on Use the words in capitals on the right to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Mind the correct grammar form. Memories and reality.There is a word of the day site where an (7). word and its origins are explained. There is advice on (8). writing of letters and how to use So why are they not the same thing in Haskell? Would this break something?The type (a,b,c,d) has a different performance profile from (a,(b,(c,(d,())))). In general, indexing into an n-tuple takes O(1) while indexing into an "hlist" of n nested tuples takes O(n). Hi could you please explain the part on cross multiplication?catty2004 wrote: 92. If a, b, c, and d, are positive numbers, is a/b < c/ d? Statement 2) gives us exactly what we want. Here, with no subtraction, everything stays positive.