disable page on button click javascript





Disable Button on click. I am newbie to the programming world and my knowledge is limited. Please excuse me if i ask any blunder.Then in the .aspx page script tags you add the following JS function: < script type"text/javascript"> function MyFunction() . Here I am sharing code to disable the right button click on web page .This Javascript code will disable the right mouse click. This will protect your web site contents from being copied/stealing . You can disable access to the right-click context menu on your website with this JavaScript, but it may annoy your visitors, and it can be thwarted.How to Make Images into Input Buttons on Web Pages. i have tried below one. 1.when we are loading a page button should be disable for 5 sec. 2.after that that will enable, when we click on button that has to take to us to perticular link.(onclick). .