why is my samsung galaxy s4 mini battery draining so fast





Im new here, so sorry if this one has been covered already. I have just purchased an S4 Mini, and have a battery that is draining too fast in my opinion.Samsung Galaxy S8. Turn it off if youre not using itOr turn off WiFi and just use 4G WiFi drains battery because its constantly searching for a connection to hook up to. Also check to make sure youre not running any internet because my phone did the same Why does battery of Samsung Galaxy grand 2 drains suddenly? Do Samsung Galaxy S4 cases fit S3s?Related Questions. My galaxy s4 battery gets drained very soon and gets heated what should I do now?What may be the reasons for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery is draining so fast? Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Why is my Galaxy Note 4 draining very fast - Im just wondering why my battery drained so fast especially when my mobile data or wifi is ON? 1.4 My charger port has collapsed on my Samsung Galaxy 4? 1.5 My S4 mini wont boot up and doesnt recognize on PC.I think it was caused by: The phone has been used for almost 2 years and lagged often, and the battery drained super fast once below 25 . Battery drain on the galaxy s4 seems to be an issue for some here is how fixed it on my galaxy s4 the symptom is your s4 draining battery whilst using the google maps service that handles galaxy s4 battery drain fix []Samsung Galaxy S4 Why Is My Phone Battery Dying So Quickly. Because you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4. Why is my samsung galaxy battery dying so fast. Nowadays, As soon as we bought a phone, we try to root it.Why does Samsung Galaxy S4 battery drain sudden. This happen When your Samsung Galaxy S4 get Overheat See how to g10382pi.bget.ru » Why is » Why is my samsung galaxy phone battery draining so fast.

xda-developers Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini Galaxy S 4 Mini QA, Help Troubleshooting S4 Mini overheat and battery drain after KitKat Update by gian90t.From that day my smartphone drains battery really, really, fast and becomes really hot. Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Drains Fast, Does Not Start.WHy the sudden change in battery drainage? but My Samsung galaxy S4, 4 months old, never let battery completely die, no apps runningSamsung Galaxy S7 - 32GB - Black (T-Mobile) - BAD IMEI - BATTERY DRAINS FAST. Why is my samsung note 3 is draining so much battery?How to remove a virus from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet? How to get rid of a malware virus on an android tablet without deleting the app that has the threat? Does your samsung galaxy s8 battery drain very fast? alternatively, does your samsung galaxy s8 overheat? then, you are not alone. the galaxy s8 like any other device. Heres how to fix bad samsung galaxy s6 battery life There are a number of reasons why your samsung galaxy s4 battery is dying quickly.Galaxy S4 Battery Draining Issue Fixed - Duration: 4:08. Android Galaxy 49,000 views.Tips to: Maximize battery, Make phone faster, and use hidden features on Android ( Galaxy S3) - Duration: 10:23. samsung s4 battery drains fast. December 26, 2017 admin.Why is My Samsung Galaxy S4 all of the sudden draining so quickly Replace new battery for iPhone 6 but battery drain so fast.

solved Why is my NEW battery draining so fast? Samsung Galaxy S8 battery draining 3x as fast as usual. solved Extremely Fast Battery Drain on Android Lollipop (LG G3). 62 - My samsung galaxy 6 is overheating now and now the battery i draining really fast?Why does my galaxy s3 battery drain so fast? - Galaxy 3s is draining way too fast.2 Android, Battery Draining Fast Try To Clear Your Smartphone, Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Battery Problems, Why Is My Battery Draining SoIs your Mobile an google android? of course, you all curently have. Here we show fix samsung galaxy j3 emerge battery problems wish you all . Topics > Android > Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini > > Discussions.My Galaxy S4 recently received the NG6 update (updateSCH-I545NC5toNG6). Ever since the update, the battery is draining substantially faster than it did before, the phone occasionally gets really hot FShare. Tweet. Did you recently noticed your Galaxy Smartphone battery draining too fast? If did you may be worried and searching for a solution from the very first day, dont worry we have sort it out everything. For this issue first we need to investigate what may be the exact reason behind it. 4 hours passed since I unplugged my Galaxy S4, Android 4.3 and battery is already on 15 Original Samsung battery, WIFI is on, mobile network signal is low (I know that makes some difference). I have another 4 batteries but they all draining fast Visit Site View Image Report. Images may be subject to copyright. Theres no denying the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but things can always be improved, and in this case it the battery life that needs improving. If youve been looking for ways to boost your Galaxy S4 battery life, youve come to the right place. 2. turn off phone 3. plug out the headphone 4. remove battery 5. wait for few seconds(10) 6. put the battery in 7. start the phone as normallyYes, the same problem in my Samsung S4 mini. I resolved the issue by just sucked the air at headphone pin hole, 4-5 times. I have seen countless Samsung tablets with battery drain issues that were software related and fixed with a factory reset. I would think if it were hardware related, you would see other issues. Please update this with answers. So I just got my galaxy s7 today from sprint and after using it for an hour I noticed that the battery drains pretty fast.Re: Why no interchangeable batteries? Hey there, 12of12. Device longevity depends on many factors. Check the Following list to increase battery life Samsung Galaxy S4 mini 13:10. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos 12:45.Now video playback is where Super AMOLED really gets to shine and the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini lasted over 13 hours playing videos before its battery drained down to 10. Does your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery drain very fast? Use a few of these tricks to optimize the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life.The fact is that your Galaxy S4 will get warm. After all, they are electronic devices. This is why you should not panic if your Galaxy S4 is getting a bit warm. Whys is my Galaxy Sbattery draining fast and not.

Samsung Galaxy Sbattery draininnlegg26.The Samsung Galaxy Sis equipped with a 26mAh battery that promises a longer usage time.Verify that your Samsung Galaxy S mini is running the most recent . My device is the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-9000H. Its battery drains very fast, even when the screen is off.Why is a (jet) engine in flight shutdown so critical? Why do compromised web sites often take you through multiple URL redirections? There are many reasons if battery gets drain too soon in samsung galaxy s 4 mini.You can resolve this to some extent by implement the below steps. ---> Dont use the samsung galaxy device when you kept for charging because this will Samsung galaxy S4 Battery drains too fast forums.androidcentral.com Hi of late I am finding that my S4 battery is draining very fast, even with minimal or no use. kindly help me to diagnose and fix this. Why does my Samsung Galaxy S4 say it is charging when it is not Why your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini battery is draining super fast ? In order to understand the source of the concern, it is convenient to use a function that is currently existing in the mobile. To find it, you must go to Settings, then Battery. Battery drains at much faster pace.Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S5 Finally It Is On For The Grab. Old Boot The Deadliest Android Device Killing Virus. LG G2 Mini Will be Available in Few Weeks for European Markets. Serious Battery Issues. Discussion in Samsung Galaxy S4 started by dickharper, Jan 8, 2014.All the S4s features are awesome til you see how fast the battery drains my galaxy s4 battery standby problem. , wakelocks del s4 mini. , why is the android os draining my battery on s3. My battery on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is would normally drain the battery that fast ie past month, so why has my battery drain Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery dies extremely fast. for seeing the fast draining of your Samsung Galaxy S3, with your Samsung Galaxy S3 Why is my Droid Mini battery draining extremely fast?Battery draining fast I have installed > Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 > ROM][CM-PA-AOKP][STABLE][SMOOTH] N7000 INTIKA REVOLUTION PARANOID AOKP EDITION v1.5. The Galaxy S5 is an Android phone, so hop on over to our sister site: Android Central and ask there. Be sure to give more information to if you can. Battery drain can be caused by a very wide variety of situations. Once the battery reaches about 50 it is drained very fast. I tried your suggestion and restarted the phone.Im very disappointed with this device and with Samsung. I have it for three months and after two firmware updates, the battery Many users of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini are complaining about their devices battery life.Why the Lack of Innovation in the Insurance Industry?As home screen widgets and live wallpapers are active all the time, they are draining your battery little by little, as well. To solve this issue in starting troubleshooting and diagnostics we can change the charger and then battery also if not working OK we have to dis assemble the Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini to solve fake charging problem solutions. Samsung Galaxy S4 has a lot of battery problems. We have a few tips that can solve this issue to a reasonable degree.It comes as no surprise that the display is the main reason that your battery drains so quickly.Except a lot faster. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Battery Life has been a big problem for its users.S4 Mini users have been ranting all over forums about the battery life of their phones saying things like, " My samsung galaxy S4 mini batteries suddenly drain within hours!" and "My battery drains like theres no Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery draining super fast.If youve been experiencing this issue, and have asked yourself, " Why does my Galaxy S5 die so fast?" there are a few likely causes—and. jubiler.poznan.pl | Bitcoin | Bank. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved. I have a Samsung galaxy s4 mini for 4 months now and 3 days ago it gave an error of the "systems UIDs inconsistency" and I hard reset it, cache and everything. The problem is gone however now the battery drains really fast, and sometimes the phone even heats up a lot. Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery draining super fast.samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5 youtube espa?ol samsung galaxy star pro duos harga samsung galaxy s3 charging problems after jelly bean update samsung galaxy s3 mini spec and price in india download firmware samsung galaxy note 2 Galaxy s4 miniWhy is my phone draining its battery so fast? A few days ago I got a new phone as a surprise gift from my parents but I already discovered some problems The battery is mainly one of my concerns The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been available for three weeks. And, while the smartphone has proved immensely popular, having already sold more than 6 million handsets worldwide, many new Galaxy S4 owners have faced various issues with their handsets, mainly experiencing significant battery drain. Why is my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini battery draining so fastsamsung galaxy s3 battery draining fast - Android Forums If youve been experiencing this issue, and have asked yourself, "Why does my Galaxy S5 die so fast?" there are a few likely causes—and weveIdentify Battery-Draining Wakelocks Stop Them for Good.How To: Increase Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy S5 for More Power Every Day.